Thank you so much for buying Zappy! This guide covers all the basic tutorials to get you started on modifying your template. To avoid any confusions about the usage of this template, please view all the videos and guides below. If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. Have fun making a killer website!
Very important notice: The sign in, sign up, password recovery and password reset and pages are only templates. They are there so you don't have to make the pages from scratch. They do not work and need custom development. You can make those pages functional with a third-party service like Memberstack. Same goes for the cookie bar. It's just a basic cookie bar to get you started but needs custom development to make it functional. If you don't have the skills to do it yourself, we recommend reaching out to a Webflow Expert. They will be happy to help you and set up your site in no-time.
How do I change colors?
How do I change body text, headings and paragraphs?
How do I add a new inner page?
Inside the "Template Files" folder, you will find a page called "Starter Page". This page is the perfect starting point to add a new page. Duplicate that page (make sure to choose the right folder) and you can start adding blocks inside this page. The blocks are prebuilt symbols, so that makes it easy to add content and keep your website's style cohesive.
How do I change the page header title and CTA content?
The page header and CTA symbols use overrides for the titles and links. That way you can easily add and modify these components consistently throughout the website. It's important you don't change the title directly inside the symbol as this will change the page title for all the pages using this symbol. Use the override to correctly change the content inside this element. Take a look at the video below to really understand symbols so you can use them to their full potential.
How do I add a cookie bar and page loader?
How to customize the page loader?
How to change Lottie animations in the feature tabs
Note: You'll need to match the "on tab change" animation speed with the full duration of you Lottie animation. Eg.: Your lottie animation take 5 seconds to full play through, then change the duration of the "Feature Lottie Animation Tab" so it plays at a normal speed. Each tab has its own animation, so make sure to check the duration for all the interaction animations
Intro to CMS
To learn more about CMS, take a look at the lessons from Webflow University